As a performer, I have the privilege to inspire, entertain, and communicate with audiences. May they be a first-time listener or a seasoned concert-goer, I believe that anyone can learn to enjoy classical music. Adapting and growing with audiences' needs is a part of programming shows; there are so many works to interpret and themes to create!

My repertoire encompasses solo, concerti, and chamber works. I enjoy collaborating with other instrumentalists and vocalists. If you would like to see what I have worked on, just ask. I devote a lot of time and effort into preparing, organizing, and performing concerts. I am up for taking on programmatic challenges – may they be solo recitals or new contemporary projects.

If you are interested in creating and collaborating on a project, please contact me!




June 19: Orford sur la route, Sherbrooke, QC (with the Élan Trio)
June 14:
Orford sur la route, Dunham, QC (with the Élan Trio)
February 2:
Oasis Musicale, Montreal (with the Élan Trio)
January 27:
Glebe St. James Recital Series, Ottawa (with the Élan Trio)


August 12-September 1: Performances in Spain
May 27-June 10: 
Scotia Festival of Music, Halifax, NS
May 4: Doctoral Recital, Salle Claude-Champagne, Montreal
April 20: DC Noon Hour Recital (Dominion-Chalmers), Ottawa


August 2: Orford sur la route, Sainte-Catherine-de-Hatley, QC
July 30: Beaux concerts de la relève, Salle Gilles-Lefebvre, Orford, QC
July 7: If Music Be the Food of Love, Freiman Hall, Ottawa
May 29: Récital Fin D.E.P.A., Montreal
March 10: DC Noon Hour Recital (Dominion-Chalmers), Ottawa


July 10: Music and Beyond – Ottawa Family Music Expo, Ottawa
April 29: DC Noon Hour Recital (Dominion-Chalmers), Ottawa
April 27: Master's Graduation Recital, Ottawa


May 1: Master's Recital, Ottawa
March 28: Music for Humanity, Ottawa


April 25: Graduation Recital, Ottawa
March 29: Music for Humanity, Ottawa


October 12: Maison de la Musique de Sorel-Tracy, QC
July 6: Château de Crémault, Bonneuil-Matours, FR
April 3: Scholarship Donor Concert, Ottawa
March 10: Adamant Music School 72nd Anniversary Concert, Weill Recital Hall, Carnegie Hall, NYC
March 4: Confederation of University Women, Ottawa


October 19: British High Commissioner, Ottawa
July 6, 13-14: Waterside Hall, Adamant, VT
June 8: Canadian Music Competition National Finalists' Concert, Ottawa